Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to be promoted.

To be promoted you need to complete 5 missions.


  1. Okay. What is my first mission sir? I am stationed in Augusta, GA, home to many spy clubs that I have secretly joined, pretending to be loyal, while gathering intell. These clubs include; The C.C.K. [Children's Corporation Klan], The C.P.A.(I am currently unsure of the true meaning of the name) and K.I.D.S.S (I dont know much about this one either since it is the most powerful in the nation) What is the name of our spy club and what does it stand for? What is my current occupational status?

    1. I searched and it apeard to be a organsation for kids at the childrens memorial hospital but there might be more to it

  2. S,S,S Shadow Striker Serveses thats the name that Iwill stick with I will need some time to come up with a mission here is my email REAVESCOLBY@GMAIL.COM.EMAIL me if you get any imformasion im here